November 9, 2011

Tuesday Travel Tip - Healthy Red-Eye Flight Tips

Healthy FTWT Red-Eye Flight Tips:

Arrive refreshed, re-hydrated and ready for adventure with these simple preparations:
  1. Bring an empty plastic water bottle and fill it up at the departure gate drinking fountain. Drink it immediately. Repeat. Staying hydrated is key to healthy travel. Refill your bottle throughout the flight. (Tasty tip: adding a packet of Emergen-C crystals will give your immune system an extra boost while masking the *flavor* of airplane agua.)
  2. Pack a Ziplock bag with these long flight-rest essentials: ear plugs, eye mask / bandana, hand-wipes, toothbrush / paste, mouthwash and Tylenol PM (or sleep-enhancer of choice.) Before nodding off, visit the restroom (remember all that water you drank?), brush teeth, plug ears, cover eyes and let the meds do their magic.
  3. Upon awaking, get up and S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Knee-bend squats, forward folds, arms raised overhead. Your body will respect you in the morning if you invigorate it along the way. 


  1. Your tips would be very helpful for those people who are afraid of traveling by flight.Really all the three tips are very nice.Especially the first tip on how to stay re-hydrated throughout your journey is very cool man !

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  2. Thanks Mike. We are happy you found the tips helpful and we will keep in mind your suggestion for a post on the "fear of flying". Best Wishes The FTWT Team