February 24, 2014

Student Reflections on Rwanda


This trip changed my life because now I view the world differently.  I experienced history first hand in a rare and exciting way.  I'll never forget the people I met and the stories they told.  The things the Rwandan people went through were horrific and should never happen to another country.  Seeing the bodies of the victims made my skin crawl.  These images make me want to become more active in global affairs to help prevent future genocides or conflicts.  I felt more engaged going to Rwanda than just learning about their history in a classroom.  The people were so loving and welcoming that it's hard to believe such a horrible event happened there.  I have become more humble and learned to forgive people more easily.  I'm really glad I went on this once in a lifetime trip.  If I didn't, I would have missed out on the opportunity to meet people who have truly impacted my life.

--Kennedy Long

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