March 24, 2014

Cambodia Alive! … Emma Willard School, March 2014

A group of sixteen students and two chaperones from Emma Willard School in upstate New York headed off to Cambodia on a 'people to people' exploration of the country's history and emerging cultural renaissance.

First stop, Taipei.

We made it to Cambodia, just outside the airport and
eager for the adventure to begin!

Images of Phnom Penh.

Exploring the city via tuk tuks!

Our fantastic chaperones!

Lunch followed by a presentation at Daughters of Cambodia.
What incredibly  important work they do!

Kings Throne Room
Maria, Liv and Sarah made new friends!

Liv, Maria and Sarah pay respect to the King.

Visiting the Royal Palace.

Making little friends!

Josephine, Hannah and Stephanie

Claire made a new little friend!

All photographs courtesy of the Emma Willard travelers.

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