March 14, 2012

Travel Reflections

Day 10 - Final Moments in Thailand

On our final day in Thailand, many of us woke early to take advantage of the beach for the last time in the morning. The sun was out and hot by 8:30AM and we soaked in as much sun as possible. The ocean was cool and refreshing as we all floated on top of the water, staring at the blue skies, taking in every last moment. Some girls stayed at the hotel and took advantage of the pool, or slept in. Regardless of how you spent your final moments in Thailand, we were all thinking the same thing. How can we return to NY and school after such an amazing trip?!!! 

We all agreed this trip was one to remember. There were many special moments and many of us are already thinking about how we could return, especially to work at the orphanages where we volunteered. At 12PM, we checked out, hopped in the vans and made our way to the airport for our long travel back home. Our words and pictures have tried to explain and show you the experience we all had, but nothing can compare to actually being present for all the moments we shared. We all know we are blessed to share in this adventure together. We learned about a new culture, we were welcomed with open arms and treated like family with all of our tour guides and we will forever be in awe by the special moments we shared at the the orphanages we were privileged to visit. A million thanks to Friendship Tours World Travel for creating such an amazing experience for Emma :)

Forever grateful,
Stacey, Judy and the Emma girls :)

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