March 28, 2013

Investigative Journalism - A Day in Pictures

A sampling of photos represent the magical discoveries of our adventure. As we conclude our last day in Xieng Khuang and prepare for the 6+ hour long bus ride to Luang Prabang, the following snapshots provide a glimpse of the exceptional experiences we've enjoyed in the Laotian highlands.

Our intrepid video instructors Jeff Macintyre of ABC News and Cheri Gaulke of Harvard-Westlake School prove that necessity is the mother of invention and just about anything can serve as a tripod in a pinch

Max's creative style is the subject of local fascination. 

Saavan and Milo observe the resourcefulness of re-purposing weapons: old mortars are recycled into a garden fence. 

Marcy and Sarah show how easy it is for small children to mistake a cluster bomb for a toy. (All weapons pictured are inert and have had their explosives removed by munitions experts.) 

Shingo, Max and Koji lead the parade of pre-schoolers who follow us into Ta Chok village. 

Gabi and her new friend demo Ta Chok village

Patty cake games are the only shared language we need! 

Kayla and Aimee's new friends didn't want to say goodbye.

Sarah demonstrates the fun of dancing the Macarena to a playful group of Ta Chok village kids

Hana teaches Ta Chok villagers a game of "patty-cake" 

Our cluster bomb survivor friend, Mr. Yae Li. After interviewing him, we donated clothing for his whole family and nearly 200lbs of rice to sustain them until summer.

Kayla and Hana are instructed by the UXO removal team to detonate cluster bombs and clear land that Lao people have risked their lives to farm for over 40 years. 

A UXO clearance team demonstrates the tedious work of scanning the Earth for subterranean munitions.

A UXO clearance expert demonstrates the delicate art of digging the detected metal fragments from the clay soil.

Cluster bombs explode in the distance!

Caption: A cluster bomb to be detonated beneath a sandbag.

UXO clearance team and our group celebrate a successful clearance activity and share a wish for a more peaceful world.

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