March 30, 2013

Santa Barbara Schools - March 30th - Hanoi

March 30th
By Carter

I am happy to report that Bea is slowly realizing that the joke is over and that the free-range chicken has been obtained. We are happy to be coming home tomorrow, yet it will be a somber goodbye to this
paradise known by many as Vietnam. It has been an amazing experience and we could not have asked for better guides than Mr. Hau and Duke. We must also thank the amazing duo of Dorfman and Wooster, who with much bravery tackled this Herculean mission of dealing with our rambunctious and maniacal group of which I am proud to call myself a member. They have stuck it through Thicke (get it?) and thin, hours of stale Christopher Walken impressions, never-ending onslaughts of French-Canadian accents and the Beavis and Butthead-esque minds
of young men. I commend them in bringing their amazing work and dedication in bringing a great learning experience. Here, sitting with my last crisp glass of Everess (club soda), I look back at the amazing times we've had and the strong bonds we have created, I will miss 'Nam, but instead of looking at it as a somber farewell, I look upon these last moments in this foreign land as a celebration — nay, a final toast — to the remarkable dinner party that has been this trip. And with that, I say goodnight Vietnam.

- Seal Team Aghhh 1886

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