March 26, 2013

Santa Barbara Schools - March 24

Mekong Delta March 24th - By Carter and Jack 

Solid day, troops. 

Day 4, and Bea still can't comprehend that the joke is over, and everyone refuses to get the free range chicken (all inside jokes). Today was a grand journey, much like that of Columbus or maybe even the hobbits. Visiting Kim Phuc's family and seeing the documentary on her journey was a powerful and eye-opening experience, much like the vivid images of horror in the War Remnants Museum. We really enjoyed asking Kim's sister about her experiences as a young girl during the war, talking about how being in that photo helped change the war and how she affected the view of Americans.  Being in Trang Bang, right across the street from where the eternally infamous picture was taken was very powerful and exciting.

Going to the Cu Chi Tunnels was really exciting and extremely fun. It was amazing to see the intricate tunnels that greatly helped the VCA/NVA final victory. I can only imagine the fear that U.S. soldiers experienced knowing that they had swift enemy troop movements just below their feet. Shooting the weapons at the range was awesome (Carter destroyed) even though it robbed us of all of our money (not really)!

So far this trip has been really amazing and we are looking forward to the never-ending amounts of fun here in 'Nam.

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