April 4, 2014

Mira Costa School - The Cambodia I Want All of Us to Know

When I walked down the street I was instantly enchanted by the people and everything around me was fascinating, from the slums that housed most of the population to the shops full of paintings. Firstly, we went to a Buddhist temple which housed the king, it was a huge monument to the wealth the kings has. Inside there was room full with gold and silver, the ground was made of silver plates and in the center there was a huge buddha statue made of gold, and there were 240 diamonds on the statue. But then we went to the creative arts Center. And we learned a new instrument native to the Cambodian culture. We learned how to dance native dance. We also learned how the Master stretches before a performance. However what truly was the smile on the face of  a little boy with one arm when we gave him water. That smile made me realise that my actions could have an everlasting impact on peoples lives. And i think that’s why i came to Cambodia to change my perspective of other countries and i hope that i can bring that knowledge and discovering back to Manhattan Beach.

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