April 8, 2014

Mira Costa School - The Happiness is Present

On Saturday we had the opportunity in visiting a school in the out skirts of Phonm Penh. As we were driving on the dirt road to the school not expecting anything we turned the corner and there before us was a school in the trees.  It was really beautiful what they could create out of something so baron and dry.  But the most interesting thing about the school was yes the architecture, but the children.  The children instantly when we arrived were full of joy and happiness to see us.  Even though the children had so little they made the most out of very thing they had.  As the children received our gifts that we brought them they were over joyed with happiness. It made us all smile and feel good that we were able to help children that were so kind and thankful.  This has been so far the best experience on the trip so far.

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