April 4, 2014

Mira Costa School - A New World

by  on April 3, 2014 in Letters From Cambodia

The first day of our great adventure began with what felt like someone put us in an oven. With heat and humidity that none of us have ever experienced before, the crew was left dumb struck by the pure intensity of the sun above us. Although this first thought wasn’t the slightest bit a pleasant one, our experience wasn’t lessened at all. No expectations of the experience ahead of us could possibly describe or perceive what we walked through today. The amount of sheer prowess of both the poverty and wonderment of this country is like nothing ever experienced by anyone living in America today. Experiencing something like this for the first time will make someone’s jaw drop, not only because of the full impact of the pure levels of both poverty and royal wealth, but the enormous contrast between the two. However, though the scene can be frightening, the people around us are like nothing I have ever seen or met before. Their pride and optimism is something that is not shared in either America or any European country I’ve visited. One would think that the populous of the people of Cambodia would deliver a sense of depression or pessimism; however, instead, the people have portrayed a sense of benevolence and hope, even in the worst of situations. 

Due to my group’s documentary being about the effect of land mines in the country, we are not shooting much in this urban landscape, for it does not fully pertain to our topic. Thus, the majority of our work is being put to making certain that we are fully prepared for when we do need to begin filming, as well as simply soaking in the culture and the essence of the world around us.

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